Peak Performance Neurofeedback

How you view your world, react to events and people in life and your ability to learn and gain wisdom affects your sense of self-esteem and happiness, which has a profound effect on how your life unfolds. Peak performance neurofeedback calms the mind and quiets its inner dialogue, switches on focus and opens up awareness. This allows the intrinsic you to naturally emerge with ease and embrace life to its fullest, realising your highest potential.

Neurofeedback the ultimate in brain training technology

Neurofeedback is an objective physical tool and NOT a subjective skill you need to learn and master to obtain results (like any form of behavioural coaching), therefore there is no learning curve and no failure at this level. It is a technological mirror that allows the brain to watch its own functioning in real-time (brainfulness) that gives it a powerful edge to profoundly change itself, even if it has been chronically stuck in old restrictive patterns or even if it is already functioning well. This is the enormous advantage of neurofeedback, which is constantly improving as neuroscience and technology advances.

Research has shown that neurofeedback can create substantial improvements in concentration, memory, creativity, emotional stability, athletic ability, happiness and confidence.

People I have trained all experienced powerful and remarkable effects:

  • Greater physical and mental energy
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased creativity and problem solving ability
  • Improved relationships with spouses, children, friends and work colleagues
  • Improved athletic ability

They reported feeling so much more:

  • Happy
  • Confident
  • Optimistic
  • Calm
  • Clear headed and switched on

They all said it was the most powerful training they have ever done with the greatest impact in their life.


High performance neurofeedback

If you are serious about performing at your very best and having the most optimal brain function possible for peak performance, personal development or even spiritual development, in your personal life or in the context of:

Then peak performance neurofeedback can take you to the next level if:

  • Your progress has hit a block or you struggle with certain issues
  • You want to take your meditation to the next level
  • You haven’t been able to meditate despite your best efforts
  • You want to improve your capacity for mindfulness
  • You’re looking for the next tool to keep improving your development

Peak performance neurofeedback accelerates brain change

It rapidly creates brain states that can takes years of behavioural coaching to achieve by powerfully helping your brain to shift into an optimal state of functioning that naturally produces:

  • A quieter clearer mind
  • Mindfulness and presence
  • Happiness
  • Positive attitude and optimism
  • Confidence
  • Calmness
  • Deeper more profound meditation

You feel it as a natural and subtle but constant new state that just feels like a better you. Imagine how this solid optimal brain function acts as fertile ground to plant the seeds of a positive mindset or a stable hardware platform to reprogram the software and allow it to perform better.

Change your brain to change your mind with neurofeedback

It is crucially import for success with peak performance, personal development coaching and programs of any kind to directly train your brain. It is the hardware of your mind, it underpins your functioning on an emotional, mental and physical level. this is the real meaning of neurocaoching or neuroleadership training and not just NLP training that uses neuroscience terminology! As such it’s easier to change your mind by changing your brain if you use the appropriate technology…which is high performance neurofeedback. Any form of coaching based peak performance or personal development program is cognitive/behavioural, that is, it attempts to effect change on every level in every way by working with the mind and thinking patterns (software) with the theory that this alone will change the hardware (brain function). It sounds good in theory but in practice only about 20% of the population have a certain neuroplasticity that allows this degree of change in the brain by changing thinking.

For the rest of us it just doesn’t change the brain enough. This type of neuroplasticity is genetically predisposed and can’t be trained with any behavioural techniques to make you respond better to any other behavioural techniques. These techniques are important and useful but they must go hand-in-hand with neurofeedback to achieve the best results for the other 80% of people. Peak performance neurofeedback can do this because it is the most powerful and precise tool to utilise your brains plasticity…its capacity to change for the better. Psychiatrist Dr Norman Doidge expert in neuroplasticity and author of the Books The Brain that Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing that popularised the idea of neuroplasticity states that…“neurofeedback is the unsung hero of neuroplasticity.”

A high function brain gives you the greatest potential

If your brain is functioning at optimal levels then so are you in every aspect of your life. It means any form of personal development you undertake will be enhanced because your brain is functioning at a peak level. This means you accelerate the change, as well as deepen and broaden it. Perhaps more importantly you guarantee the changes hold and become your new reality and don’t unravel under pressure or life stresses, as it does for so many people, which can be disheartening.

If you have any issues with:

  • concentration/focus
  • comprehension
  • mental clarity
  • energy
  • calmness
  • short term memory
  • mood
  • sleep
  • motivation
  • stress
  • burnout

Then any form of behavioural personal development or peak performance training will be compromised and would be reduced to mere symptom management. You would not achieve the results expected and you could unravel under pressure or life stresses and return to old thinking and behaviour patterns.

It is like first becoming as fit as possible to embark on a difficult mountain climb, trek or obstacle course. The fitter you are the better you will perform and the more you will get out of it. There is no way that a mountain climber would just do mindset training and not physical fitness training, it would be an absolute recipe for failure. Yet that’s what is happening in the peak performance and personal development world. Brain fitness is the missing crucial piece in the puzzle.

If you are thinking about doing some sort of personal development or peak performance program or coaching then you should first do peak performance neurofeedback to tune your brain. You would benefit enormously from training the structures in your brain that manage these functions and bring them up to speed. As your brain function improves I can coach your personal development and peak performance, which will dramatically improve your progress and is real neurocoaching.


Peak performance neurofeedback and an aging brain

The other issue is aging. Unfortunately your brain function is declining as you age. In our modern age stress, toxins, electromagnetic pollution, poor diet, and sleep deprivation accelerate that decline. Again no form of behavioural coaching can have much of an impact on this other than having a positive, accepting attitude. Also this decline means it actually becomes harder to change yourself in any way with behavioural coaching. However, as neurofeedback is working on a physiological (hardware)
level of brain function it can slow this process down and reverse a lot of the decline caused by stress.

Perhaps you have done well with coaching and are always looking for (or would be interested) in the next step or edge to take you to another level of peak performance, personal development and wellbeing.

Specifically you might want to enhance:

  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Emotional quotient
  • Quality of your meditation experience
  • Ability to meditate when you have failed previously

Neurofeedback supercharges meditation and mindfulness

Neurofeedback makes it incredibly easy to start practicing mindfulness at a higher level, as you aren’t trying, it’s just happening. Your mindis still and quiet so you are more in the present whatever you’re doing. This is a high level of mastery that people practice for years and years to achieve and the vast majority never achieve no matter how hard they try!

The same is true for meditation. Alpha theta neurofeedback gives you audio feedback when you are producing synchronous, alpha, theta or gamma waves. This enables you to enter very high quality states and learn to do this efficiently even if you have repeatedly failed with conventional techniques.

Alpha theta training is a powerful form of neurofeedback itself that is used for peak performance of all forms. It can also be supercharged with guided imagery and suggestions or affirmations, which I personalise for you. Once you can get into deep alpha and theta states with the neurofeedback I then do live sessions with you and guide you with your personalised imagery and suggestions for maximum access to your unconscious mind.

Alpha theta training also has deep natural healing effects by opening up your unconscious in a powerful but safe and controlled way so your brain and mind can process repressed emotional memories at an unconscious level without fear and deeply integrate your personality.

As alpha theta training enables those who find it hard to meditate achieve deep meditation and can take successful meditators to higher level, it can enhance spiritual development in a very grounded and practical way. It doesn’t just make you more present it raises awareness and opens your heart. Deeply calming the animal brain and switching on the human brain (prefrontal lobes) is the brain based formulae for spiritual development.

High performance neurofeedback is used by:

  • Pro golf circuit
  • Formula 1 teams
  • NASA astronaut training centre
  • United States Olympic Training Center
  • English Institute of Sport (Olympic Training Center)
  • Canadian National Olympic Sports Centers
  • Norwegian Olympic Training Center
  • Taiwanese Olympic Team
  • Singapore Olympic Sports Council
  • US Special Forces and Navy Seals training
  • United States Army’s Centers for Enhanced Performance
  • Wingate Institute of Sports & Physical Education, Israel
  • Human Performance Institute, Australian Special Forces
  • West Point Military Academy

I have over 20 years of professional peak performance neurofeedback experience helping people just like you. Don’t hesitate to contact me and I can answer all your questions and discuss your needs in detail and the best way to set you up with supervised home or office based neurofeedback. Start your journey to peak performance, personal development or spiritual growth now!

Peak performance neurofeedback costs:

All prices in US$ (outside of Australia)

One off Start-up cost

Neurofeedback kit 4 channel $1798.00
Neurofeedback kit 2 channel $1450.00
Assessment $260.00
Setup and instructions $350.00

Ongoing cost

Coaching sessions per month $260.00

Within Australia kits can be rented (Aust $):

Monthly 4 channel $360
Monthly 2 channel $300


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