How Much Does Neurofeedback Cost?

How much does neurofeedback cost to do at home?

Firstly the QEEG only costs $375 and it is done once, as changes in EEG progress are monitored weekly. Secondly there is a one-off cost of $275 for the handover where you are shown how to use the software and set up the neurofeedback device for training. In total the start-up costs are only $650. The ongoing costs are $450 per month for the hire of the equipment and 1 hour of phone supervision (15 minutes phone call each week). You are supported with as much time as you need or want and if it is more than the hour per month it’s billed at the rate of $150 per hour down to 1 minute intervals. Some people choose to hire a laptop with the software installed and hardware configured for $60 per month.

Cost of Neurofeedback at home

One-off start-up costs

  • initial assessment per person incl QEEG           $375
  • instruction and handover session                       $275

Ongoing costs

  • equipment hire per month $300
  • phone supervision 1 hr per month per person   $150

Additional time needed or wanted is charged at $150 per hour.

Laptops with the program fully loaded and ready to go – $60 per month

*Please Note: hire costs are the same whether it’s one person or the whole family. Additional family members incur a one-off assessment cost and ongoing monthly costs of $150 each for phone supervision.

Home Neurofeedback Cost Vs Clinic cost

When you train in the privacy of your own home, not only can you train when it is convenient for you but you can do as many sessions per week and for as long per session as you need or want. The more you do the faster you get results and the further you can go with healing and peak performance.

If you go to a clinic the start-up costs are between $750 and $1500 for an assessment including a QEEG. Session costs are between $100 and $270 for 30 to 40 minutes of training. If you do 40 sessions the cost of neurofeedback would be $4000 to $10800 plus start-up costs of $750 to $1500. Some practitioners do several more QEEGs at additional cost to check progress as they don’t check as they train you. This doesn’t take into account the time and costs for fuel, etc, travelling to and from a clinic.

At one session per week it would take almost a year to complete 40 sessions and you may need a lot more. If you did 2 sessions per week in a clinic it would costs you between $200 and $540 per week or $800 and $2160 per month. Compare this to home training at $450 per month doing the same amount of sessions you would save $350 to $1710 per month. If you did more than 3 sessions per week at home you are getting even more value. Again if you think about the time and fuel costs for travelling to a clinic there are even more savings in time and money. Another way of comparing home and clinic costs (apart from the start-up cost) is looking at one session per week. In a clinic this would be $100 to $270 and at home it would be $150, however the session length could be up to an hour and a half if you wanted and not merely 30 to 40 minutes in a clinic.

How to start your home neurofeedback in 3 simple steps:

1. Assessment

  • Full QEEG (brainwave analyses) showing brain function with report
  • Questionnaires and discussion
  • Design of personalised training plan

2. Instruction and handover

  • You are sent the neurofeedback kit and we install it on your computer
  • One-to-one instructions on using the hardware and software (instruction videos also supplied)

3. Start home neurofeedback

  • Begin your customised home neurofeedback program

4. Weekly supervision

  • You email a progress report and based on that and your feedback during a phone call I guide your training
  • Email, text and call support between the weekly phone consults if you need or want.

Minimum Computer Requirements
The program does NOT run on Macs

  • I5 with 4 Gb of RAM
  • DVD drive
  • Internet access and email

Home neurofeedback offers many advantages:

  • Neurofeedback costs less
  • No travel
  • You can do a lot more training
  • Train when it’s convenient for you
  • Privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Session times as long as you need or want
  • Weekly phone or Skype consultations
  • Whatever amount of support you need

I have over 20 years of professional neurofeedback experience helping people just like you. Don’t hesitate to contact me and I can answer all your questions about the cost of neurofeedback and discuss your needs in detail and the best way to set you up with supervised home neurofeedback. You and/or your loved ones do not need to struggle with issues anymore.

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