Neurofeedback Testimonials

Read a sample of the neurofeedback testimonials that we have from a wide cross-section of adults and children. Here is a list of links for neurofeedback at home reviews. Neurofeedback results vary between people because it is a natural process and people change in different ways at different speeds. Some adults and children feel positive affects from the first session. Others may take a month before they are feeling positive changes. Some adults and children change in a smooth continuous way, for others the changes flicker on and off until they finally solidify. However, neurofeedback results remain stable for the long-term, as neurofeedback actually deals with the underlying issues in the brain’s self-regulation. This is very different to medication, which only manages symptoms so when you stop taking it your problems return, sometimes worse than before.

Here are links to neurofeedback at home reviews from some of our clients.

ADHD neurofeedback testimonials


Learning disorder neurofeedback results


Anxiety, PTSD and depression neurofeedback testimonials


Developmental trauma disorder testimonials


Autism and Asperger’s neurofeedback results


Peak performance neurofeedback testimonials


Supervised home neurofeedback is a powerful and effective way to change you and/or your child’s life for the better. It’s fun, easy, non-invasive, safe, natural, holistic and scientifically validated.

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