Neurofeedback developmental trauma

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Hi Jonathan, I wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping neurofeedback (developmental trauma) benefit our teenage son. He lost his mother when he was 8, and ever since, he had found it hard to manage his anger and negative feelings. My husband and I as his step mum tried to help him for years, using every other method we could find, but this was bigger than him, not something that he could control, even though he wanted to.

The trauma he experienced made his brain ‘stuck’ at feeling angry, that the world was against him and that there was something wrong with him. Any support or feedback was taken as harsh criticism, so it made it difficult for him to make changes in his behaviour to support himself. This conflict between what he wanted and what his brain was making him do was causing a negative spiral. It was affecting his learning and the daily stress levels in our family affected all of our lives.

We found that home neurofedback training, especially amygdala training, helped him relax within himself and accept himself. It totally changed the colour of the feedback he was hearing to that of constructive, loving support. It helped him step outside of his all-consuming feelings to see the bigger picture, the positive in the world, to see things from others’ point of view and see solutions to support himself.

Within a couple of weeks of targeted training, he became empowered to take responsibility for himself, embrace his life, and change what he wanted to change.  His satisfaction in life and his relationships with his family and friends greatly improved. And it is so peaceful in the home now.

As parents, it is so important and rewarding for us to see that he has healed and is thriving! I would recommend neurofeedback for anyone with any form of PTSD and/or developmental trauma.


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