Neurofeedback Therapy Autism and Asperger’s Testimonials

Autism neurofeedback has changed the lives of thousands of children and parents. Read some neurofeedback user reviews for autism and Asperger’s here.


“To say that neurofeedback has changed our son Justin’s life is an understatement. Neurofeedback has opened Justin’s senses to a brave new world of possibilities where he is tuned into his environment and is learning to respond accordingly. Justin has found a new sense of calm, improved communication and a reduction in maladaptive behaviours. Justin’s sensitivity to loud sounds such as jack hammers, school bells etc has been completely eliminated. Justin’s speech has improved in both his receptive and expressive language use. Justin is a much happier boy and his improved social interactions have brought greater meaning to his life as he continues to explore the wonderful world around him.”

M.K Psychologist

“You have changed my son’s life Jonathan. His Asperger’s condition has changed so much his teacher cried. He is so much calmer and mature, his school results have improved dramatically.”Mrs L Granger
“Neurofeedback has been a new and positive experience for my son who has autism and in turn for myself and the whole family. Jonathan Banks has been supportive from day 1, and has made using the program of neurofeedback enjoyable, easy and stress-free with great almost instant results for my son, James, who is a lot more communicative and positive. Even his teachers have been impressed with James’s transformation since going onto neurofeedback. James also enjoys his sessions in the comfort of his own room and home, without any distractions or travelling required. Doing autism neurofeedback with Jonathan is not only convenient, but is a great “cost-effective” way of delivering the program. I have been telling everyone about neurofeedback. Would recommend neurofeedback in your own home to everyone!!!!! I’m so grateful for discovering Neurofeedback through Neurotech Coaching. Thank you so much, Jonathan!”

J & M

I am a mother of ASD 6yr old, 3.5yr old and 10 month old. Before neurofeedback Aziz (my ASD 6yr old) was very spacey, uninterested in most social settings and always kept to himself. Aziz has 8 boy cousins so it’s very hard to watch your son playing on his own whilst his 3year old brother & over a dozen cousins playing altogether. Since neurofeedback Aziz is a lot more social has been awarded an “initiating play” award at Kindy. He rumbles with his brother, snaps his biscuit in half to share with him. He boxes with his dad and gives unbelievable eye contact.

His teachers have said “Aziz seems more mature” not knowing we have undertaken neurofeedback training. Actually, no one but his maternal grandparents as we wanted everyone to notice for themselves & they definitely have. Aziz now sleeps at 8:30pm and takes him under 10min to fall asleep as opposed to struggling up until midnight to get him into bed!
Aziz is also able to control his emotions.”

Aziz has a long way to go in regards to his speech. But since neurofeedback his speech sounds have improved, meaning his pronunciation of the words he knew are much. He has spontaneously said to his speech therapist “Bye Jane” without promoting.

Other areas that I didn’t think would improve or have anything to do with training include; decline in nail butting, teeth grinding in sleep, sensitivity to change of routines, he is much more adaptable to change. Self care has improved, such as washing his hands after bathroom & dinner, brushing his own teeth, using utensils properly and he showers like a grown man!!

I have been hearing so many compliments about Aziz since neurofeedback:
“He has matured”
“He is so social now”
My 8 year old nephew said “Aunty, Aziz has become good now” haha… That was a good one for me. With adults, you don’t know if they say things to make you feel better but kids never lie. They are so innocent so I loved to hear it from his peers.

So I will keep on keeping on. Take every day, week, month at a time. My goal for Aziz is to socialise and talk and understand life to the best if his ability. Neurofeedback had given me hope 4 months ago when I discovered it and now it’s given me proof after living it. I am excited for my son & for his future. I thank God every day that I turned every stone until we found it.”

YaseminShefkiBSSc, Maj. Psychology


If these neurofeedback user reviews strike a chord with you then please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss how you can beat the issues you and/or your child are struggling with using neurofeedback the most powerful and precise form of brain training. It’s fun, easy, non-invasive, safe, natural, holistic and all in the convenience and privacy of your own home, fully supervised by a caring professional with 21 years experience.

Neurofeedback therapy autism is a powerful and effective way to change you and/or your child’s life for the better.

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