Theta Meditation

A theta meditation is a state where your brain is producing more synchronous theta brainwaves than alpha waves…the more theta the deeper and more profound the meditation. Highly synchronised theta (4-8Hz) with eyes closed represents a deep meditative state, especially and is associated with access to the unconscious, childhood memories and release of repressed emotions. It is also associated with psychic and mystical experience.

When you close your eyes your brain naturally increases alpha waves and any state of relaxation increases alpha but it is much harder to increase theta brainwaves. In fact only about 20% of people can do this with practice. Most people would take 20 plus years of dedicated practice with a teacher to produce high amounts of synchronous theta waves in a state of meditation. The hardest thing is deepening the alpha meditation into a theta meditation as you don’t know when you are producing theta waves.

Not only do you get feedback during your meditation to guide your progress but you can graph your sessions over time to see how you are deepening your meditation.

Theta brain wave meditation using brainwave entrainment can help about 20% of people increase theta brainwaves but for most it just increases alpha waves. Theta healing therapists claim they put people in a theta state but in reality there is no way they can tell if anyone is in a theta state, ie their brainwaves are dominated by synchronous theta.

Theta meditation with neurofeedback

Would you like to experience deep theta meditation by yourself within months and not years? Well now you can with neurofeedback meditation, also known as alpha theta training. Neurofeedback uses a specialised EEG technology that monitors your alpha theta brainwaves in real-time. The software monitors and records your brainwave states in real-time and gives you audio feedback when your brain is producing synchronous alpha and theta brainwaves, which accelerates your ability to enter deep meditation.

Contact me now and let’s talk about how I can create a personalised theta meditation program with neurofeedback that will profoundly change your life.

  • Would you like to learn to meditate quickly and easily?
  • Do you want to meditate but cant despite your best efforts?
  • Are you a beginner and are looking for the most effective method?
  • Are you an experienced meditator who wants to experience deep theta states?
  • Are you serious about your personal and/or spiritual development and have done every type of behavioural and mind programming work there is?
  • Would you like to do this in the comfort and privacy of your own home with expert guidance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then theta meditation training is for you!

Neurofeedback has revolutionised theta brain wave meditation

Would you like to see into your brain and know exactly when you are producing synchronous theta and learn to meditate like the masters?

Well now you can with our cutting edge brainwave technology which monitors your brainwaves in real-time!

Research has shown that the key to deep theta meditation is producing synchronised alpha and theta brainwaves. Research also shows that the brain learns the best when it gets immediate and accurate feedback. This is exactly what is happening with neurofeedback and why it can enable you to quickly learn to get into deep theta states that would normally take you years of dedicated practice to achieve and that’s if you have the ability.

The Dalai Lama has said he would be the first to use technology to help him shorten his meditation practice. He believes neuroscience will help improve Buddhist techniques and has set up research with neuroscientists to accelerate development.

With real-time feedback based on your actual brainwaves you know exactly when your brain is producing some synchronous theta. By mindfully focussing on the tones you are able to learn to increase your theta brainwaves and your brain rapidly learns to keep increasing them. This feedback gives you a powerful advantage so you are not in the dark anymore, groping for a state that is so elusive and fragile that as soon as you try it disappears. The feedback keeps you in a learning loop that continues to build a momentum with every session. This has an immediate and dramatic effect on your ability to meditate, how deep you go, how well you can remain in that state and how quickly you progress with your theta meditation practice. This means you begin to experience the profound benefits of deep theta meditation within months instead of many years if you are lucky.

Neurofeedback allows you to use the power of your brain instead of having to fight against it and takes all the guess work out of meditation practice. It allows your brain to watch itself, which is a natural form of mindfulness.

Bill Harris the guy who made a fortune with the slogan “Mediate like a Zen Monk to sell his Holosynch brainwave entrainment CDs did alpha theta training and was so impressed he wrote to all his customers raving about it and encouraging them to go and do it!

If you want:

  • Profound calm, mental stillness and be naturally mindful and present
  • Greater physical and mental energy
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased creativity and problem solving ability
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Improved relationships with spouses, children and work colleagues
  • Peak performance in academics, business, performing arts, sports
  • Access to your unconscious to release all emotional blocks and empower your dreams
  • Deeply heal and integrate your personality

You will feel more:

  • Happy
  • Confident
  • Optimistic
  • Calm
  • Clear headed and switched on


Don’t be fooled by the low cost and cool graphics etc of all the new “toy” neurofeedback systems on the market that use a one size fits all approach. Unfortunately they have very simplistic software that doesn’t work with synchronous alpha and theta. They only work with basic alpha but the most serious issues is that they can only train alpha at the front of the brain, which will cause long term problems. You do not want to train alpha up at the front of the brain. Alpha theta training is done at the back of the brain. The people who have developed the headsets and created the software have not come out of the neurofeedback field and that’s why they have made a fundamental mistake. If you take your meditation and your brain seriously then you need to use clinical grade EEG equipment and software and be coached by an expert who has 20 plus years of neurofeedback experience.

How does the theta meditation program work?

  • You can buy or rent the equipment.
  • You get all the training videos and my support to set up the program.
  • I will create a program best suited to you based on:
  • A questionnaire
  • Your experience
  • Your goals
  • You train at home at your own pace

We have a phone or Skype coaching session once per week and I guide your training based on your feedback and your brainwave progress graph.

Theta mediation costs

All prices in US$ (outside of Australia)

One off Start-up cost

Neurofeedback kit 4 channel  $1798.00
Neurofeedback kit 2 channel $1450.00
Assessment $260.00
Setup and instructions $350.00

Ongoing cost

Coaching sessions per month $260.00

Within Australia kits can be rented (Aust $):

Monthly 4 channel $360
Monthly 2 channel  $300

Contact me now and lets talk about how I can create a personalised theta meditation program with neurofeedback that will profoundly change your life.

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Not quite ready to do theta meditation with neurofeedback? Check out this selection of beautiful alpha and theta brainwave entrainment meditation tracks.