Neurofeedback Clinician and Neurocoach

Jonathan Robert Banks is a neurofeedback clinician, neurocoach, consultant and trainer with over twenty years of experience working in the field of Neurofeedback.

He has undertaken extensive training in the field of neurofeedback and continues to research and work on his own health wellbeing and personal development so he can assist you to have the best brain possible. Jonathan has always been a free thinker with a gifted, creative and inquiring mind, with strong analytical skills and a deep compassion for people.

Jonathan’s Qualifications

  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Psychology Major
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Diploma Master Practitioner of Transpersonal Therapy

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Jonathan a neurofeedback trainer and neurocoach

He was Stress Management Consultant for the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia and Peak Performance Consultant for senior and middle managers with organisations including; BHP, SANTOS, Telstra, Australian National, DSTO, TAFE, SA Institute of Management, Homestart Finance and many smaller companies.

He has also worked with Elite and Professional Sporting Teams and Athletes including Adelaide Quit Lightning, Women’s National Basketball, Adelaide 36’ers Men’s National Basketball, Men’s Coxless Four Rowing (Bronze Medal winners 2000 Olympic Games), Andrew Burden, Australian Men’s Beach Volleyball Champion and Brad McKinnon, Australian Under 23 Basketball Team and 1997 World Gold Medal Title holders. He has also taught yoga and meditation to a wide cross-section of people.

As a neurofeedback clinician and neurocoach Jonathan has developed leading edge personal development programs, CDs/Mp3s and a neurotechnology device, utilising state of the art technology for stress management/rehabilitation and peak performance. Currently being used by hundreds of professionals such as doctors, psychologists, naturopaths, chiropractors, teachers, executives, entrepreneurs and athletes, such as Brett Maher, Australian and Olympic Basketball; Carla Gilbert, Australian Ironwoman Champion and performing artists including Deni Hines and Jon Stevens.

He is the author of “A New World”, book series that examines our evolutionary and spiritual imperative and the extraordinary new sciences to support a metaphysical worldview and technology.

He has had papers published in mainstream and alternate magazines and a peer reviewed academic futures journal. He has been featured on Sports Tonight, A Current Affair, Today Tonight and numerous radio shows and newspaper articles.


  • Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers
  • Institute of Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies

Previous Memberships

  • Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia
  • Australian Federation of Energy Medicine
  • Illawarra Area Health Services Health Promotions Service Development Board NSW Health Department

Previous Associations

  • Fellow IKON Institute, WA
  • Fellow Science-Art Research Centre Inc., NSW

Previous Appointments

  • Appointed SA Director of the IKON Institute for the Healing Arts and Sciences.


For the paper: For the People by the People of the World the author was awarded the 2000 Award of Literary Excellence, from The Science-Art Research Centre of Australia Incorporated, for His Outstanding Contribution Toward The Betterment Of The Global Human Condition.

Scientific Papers

For the People by the People of the World Version 3 published in the peer reviewed scholarly Journal of Futures Studies February, 5(3):101-119.

A brief Review of Neurofeedback Training in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by Dr. Stuart Johnstone, Jacqueline Rushby and Jonathan Banks Department of Psychology, University of Wollongong


ARTICLES written about Jonathan and his work include:

  • Using Technology to Beat Stress, Australian Institute of Management
  • Expand Your Mind with Neuro-technology, Conscious Living
  • Brain gym trains young out of learning disorders, Illawarra Mercury
  • Brain Workout Helps Tackle ADHD, Illawarra Advertiser
  • Brain Training Beats ADHD, Northern Leader

TV PROGRAMS about Jonathan and his work include:

  • Sports Tonight
  • Neurotraining exercises for the mind A Current Affair
  • A Workout for ADHD Patients Today Tonight


  • Stress Management and Relaxation Workbook
  • Study Made Easy Workbook
  • Performance Enhancement Program Workbook
  • The Creative Path Workbook

MAGAZINE Articles written by Jonathan:

  • Meditation for the 21st Century Golden Age Issue 22
  • Inner Mental Training Women in Sport Vol. 1 Issue 5
  • Ancient Wisdom Modern Tools Golden Age Issue 33
  • For the People by the People of the World
  • Version 1 reprinted by The Science Art Research Centre, NSW – May
  • Version 2 published in NanoTechnology Magazine, USA
  • An Introduction to the Brain and Neurotraining Insight Magazine
  • How the Brain, Mind and Emotions Work, Insight Magazine
  • How Different Therapies Effect Brain Function, Insight Magazine
  • The Brain as a Vehicle of the Soul, Insight Magazine
  • Change your brain change your mind with neurofeedback Living Now Magazine Oct 2016


Jonathan, neurofeedback trainer and neurocoach – Talks / Events 2017

Train Your Brain for Optimal Performance and Wellbeing

Happiness & Its causes

22 & 23 June 2017

International Convention Centre Sydney

Neurotechnology for Healing Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers Conference Oct 2017

As your neurofeedback trainer and neurocoach Jonathan will fully supervise your neurofeedback training and coach you with 28 years of experience in an insightful, compassionate and effective way.

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Jonathan’s Future Vision 

To create a cost effective neurofeedback system that could be accessible to everyone, a neurofeedback system which enables people to train all areas of the brain and one that is intuitive enough to self correct. To date there are only toy systems on the market, my vision is to invent an excellent brilliantly engineered and intuitive product.

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Change your Brain change your Life.