Alpha Meditation

Alpha meditation is any form of meditation that increases your alpha brainwaves. The cells in the brain or neurons use electricity to communicate with each other. This can be measured and are called brainwaves and measured in Hertz units. There are 5 main frequencies of brain waves that can be identified: Gamma (38-42), Beta (13-38), Alpha (8-12), Theta (4-8) and Delta (0-4).

Each frequency of brainwave can be connected to a specific state of consciousness


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Meditation and alpha brainwaves

Brain research has revealed that different meditation techniques create different activation patterns in the brain. Al these patterns show an increase in alpha in the back of the brain that slowly moves forward after regular practice. The other pattern is that alpha begins to slow down and shifts into theta, again after regular practice, which is a deeper more profound state of meditation.

Alpha waves naturally increase when you close your eyes, are daydreaming or in a relaxed state. They are the first stage of a bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind and can lead to deeper levels of healing, health, happiness, creativity and success.

Alpha waves produce the inspiration from your subconscious, where creativity and sudden insights comes from. Alpha meditation can be used to unlock solutions for issues that you will not find in your conscious state. You no doubt have read about the many benefits of alpha meditation and how it can have a positive impact on your life. So you now want to get started and experience the benefits for yourself. Check out the options below on how you too can reap the many benefits of meditation and how you like many others can achieve this state.


Alpha Meditation Techniques

There are many ways you can do an alpha meditation. Here is a list of techniques you could use:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Visualisation
  • Breathing

Try all three of these alpha meditation techniques and see which one/s work best for you. You could also combine them into one alpha meditation practice if they all felt good.

  • First and always you need to find a quiet place with no distractions at home or perhaps somewhere peaceful outdoors.
  • If at home turn off any possible distractions, your phone TV alarms etc.
  • If you are a beginner it’s easiest to lay down so your whole body can relax or at least in a comfortable reclining chair with foot stool.
  • Loosen any tight clothing and make sure you are warm as your body temperature will drop slightly when you become relaxed.
  • Close your eyes and keep them closed.

Deep relaxation

  • Focus on the muscles in your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest upper back, tummy, lower back, bottom, hips thighs, lower legs feet and toes.
  • Focus on all these areas of your body in this sequence and imagine and feel each part relaxing and letting go of all tension.
  • Repeat this sequences several times then imagine your entire body is totally relaxed.


Try these different visualisations and perhaps you could combine any of them or create some of your own.

  1. Imagine yourself somewhere that for you would be peaceful and relaxing. Try to engage all your senses, smell, touch, taste, hearing and feelings.
  2. Imagine walking down steps and each step down you go you feel more relaxed.
  3. Imagine being immersed in the colours of the rainbow one by one. With each colour you infuse yourself with you imagine yourself becoming more deeply relaxed.


  • Use a metronome set to 60 beats per minute or a clock that you can hear ticking.
  • Breathe in steadily through your nose with your mouth closed over 4 beats/ticks and breathe out steadily over 4 beats/ticks.
  • Breathe gently and evenly, do not strain or force the breath. Focus on feeling your tummy rise and fall with each breathe.


How do I know Im in an alpha meditation?

alpha meditation, alpha meditation techniques, meditation and alpha brainwavesIndications you are in an alpha state no matter what technique you use:

  • Tingling in your hands, fingers, feet and toes
  • A warm feeling in your tummy
  • Your body feels heavy
  • You feel like your sinking
  • Your body feels light
  • You feel like your floating
  • Your mind could be quieter
  • Your mind is still active but your body is relaxed
  • You lose track of time

Some people just seem to have a natural ability to easily do alpha meditation or any other form of meditation. However, most people find it difficult even if they really believe in it and want to do it and have tried very hard to learn. Perhaps this is you and you have found some benefit or maybe you couldn’t get into any level of meditation at all. If so don’t worry because there are some powerful neurotechnologies that can not only help you but give you the abilities of an experienced skilful meditator, so you can experience all of the positive benefits.

Firstly the easiest and lowest cost way to do alpha meditation is to use CDs/Mp3s with guided meditation, self hypnosis, deep relaxation or brainwave entrainment in the alpha or theta range. Brainwave entrainment is very useful because it directly induces alpha or theta brainwaves by gently encouraging the brain to increase these brainwaves with a natural process using specially modulated frequencies. Read more about brainwave entrainment here. (link to

I have some beautiful and evocative alpha brainwave meditation, entrainment CDs/Mp3s created by classically trained Australian composers and musicians. As I believe brainwave entrainment is so effective I also have guided meditation, self hypnosis, breathing and deep relaxation titles that all have brainwave entrainment too to give you the best possibility for entering an alpha meditation.


alpha meditation, alpha meditation techniques, meditation and alpha brainwaves


Even though these CDs/Mp3s are helpful for many people there will be some of you that don’t like guided meditation, either in a class or on a CD/Mp3 and some cant visualise (aphantasia). You become agitated or anxious when you try to meditate, which is an over arousal issue, you experience the opposite and fall asleep or feel tired negative and down after you meditate, which is an under arousal issue. If this is you or:

  • Would you like to learn to meditate in the fastest and most powerful way.
  • You want to meditate but can’t despite your best efforts.
  • You an experienced meditator who wants to go deeper.
  • You want expert guidance.

Then the next and most powerful and profound level is alpha theta training with neurofeedback. Also known as EEG meditation and biofeedback meditation it uses a miniaturised EEG device that monitors your brainwaves and gives you real-time feedback when you are producing synchronous alpha and/or theta waves. Read more here .

If you are serious about reaching deep states of alpha theta meditation I suggest using neurofeedback, read how by clicking on the picture below.


alpha meditation, alpha meditation techniques, meditation and alpha brainwaves


Read about research on mediation and alpha brainwaves 

Experience alpha meditation

There is so much research now on how meditation is good for you in every way. Now with simple alpha meditation techniques, alpha brainwave meditation CDs/Mp3s or neurofeedback there is no reason why you cant do alpha meditation and experience the powerful benefits in your life with health, confidence, happiness and success.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything please do not hesitate to contact me. I have been working with clients for 28 years and I can help you achieve your goals with alpha meditation.

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