What are Brain Training Games?

The easiest way to train your brain is using brain training games that have been scientifically designed to exercise and stimulate specific functions and parts of your brain for attention, memory, and learning.

In brain game training, an assessment is initially done to see how you perform. Then the training is based on those results to give you personalized training and the fastest improvement. The training seems like simple games, which makes them engaging and fun but is deceptive, as they are designed to increase in difficulty as you get faster and smarter.

You should play brain games if you:

  • Are interested in sharpening their brain functions
  • Want to regain your spark and slow age related decline
  • Have suffered any brain injury or illness
  • Have a child/children with ADHD, ADD and learning disorders

People who have played brain training games have experienced:

  • Clearer and quicker thinking
  • Improved memory for names, numbers, directions, etc.
  • Increased alertness and awareness
  • Elevated mood
  • Better concentration at work, school or while driving

Brain games are absolutely different to normal daily mental activity. Brain training games are specific targeted exercises that focus on specific brain structures and cognitive functions like attention, memory and comprehension. Unlike normal brain activity, these brain exercises can improve your brain function and abilities.

Brain training games take advantage of your brain’s plasticity, which means your brain is pliable, adaptable and can learn throughout your life. This discovery about the adult brain has been hailed as one of the most revolutionary scientific discoveries this century because it had been previously believed the adult brain was fixed with limited ability to change.

Through neurofeedback and my meditation and deep relaxation CD’s and MP3, as well as cognitive brain training you can achieve optimum brain performance.

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Help your brain work for you.