The Best Meditation is Alpha Theta Training with Neurofeedback

The best meditation technique uses cutting edge technology that watches what your brain is doing and tells you. Alpha theta training with neurofeedback produces profound results quickly.

The brain learns everything by feedback. The more instant quality feedback you get the faster you learn. If you learn how to use a new software without a manual or video to guide you, it’s all trial and error. If you had someone there to guide you, it’s so much quicker.

The problem with traditional meditation

A teacher can’t actually guide you while you’re meditating. Guided meditation isn’t the teacher guiding you to meditate; they are going through processes that help you get into a state. This is OK for people who can visualise but if you can’t, you don’t get much benefit and you don’t learn. They can tell you what to do but you don’t get feedback about your progress while you’re doing it.

A teacher can only encourage you to stick with the particular practice. Stay focused on your breath, allow all thoughts to just flow, don’t get caught in them, visualise a peaceful place, etc. A teacher can’t see how you’re progressing in the meditation or where you are in it. How you went and how you feel afterwards is based on your subjective experience so it’s a very slow process.

The best meditation technique

Remember the brain learns the fastest from real-time accurate feedback. Imagine with alpha theta training using neurofeedback you are receiving constant objective feedback of how much synchronous alpha and/or theta you are producing… second by second for the entire session, each and every session. This does not depend on any particular process like visualising, mantra or counting down, etc. It goes straight to the physiology of meditation…how much synchronous alpha or theta you can produce. Research

Imagine how quickly that accelerates your learning and how deep your meditations could be and how profound the benefits would be.

An added service is the creation of guidance MP3 to help you master the feedback and produce more alpha or theta. Also an affirmation MP3 to play while you are in deep alpha or theta states to powerfully program you’re unconscious. Testimonials

I’m offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee as I am totally confident you will be incredibly impressed but if not you can have your money back.

If you are interested in doing this alpha theta training

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