Why Neurofeedback Meditation is so Powerful

Neurofeedback meditation is the most powerful, precise and rapid way to learn how to meditate like the Masters, who are able to produce synchronous alpha and theta brainwaves.


What is so special about synchronous alpha and theta?

Woman doing neurofeedback meditationAll the meditation EEG (brainwave ) studies done over the last 40 years with various meditation masters have demonstrated a key signature of meditation is synchronised brainwaves in the alpha and or theta range.

When the same analysis was done with beginners, it showed they produced very little synchronous brainwaves. As their experience increased from 5, 10, to 20 years the amount of synchronous alpha and theta they produced during meditation, increased and spread from the back to the front of the head.


Alpha theta training allows a beginner to mimic this production of synchronous alpha and theta and the spreading ability of a master using the biofeedback.

You can achieve the same results in a few months that normally takes years … this is a 21st Century meditation revolution!


How does it work?

Using a miniaturised EEG (brainwave ) device the size of an Mp3 player that runs wirelessly on your computer or laptop (Pendant EEG), you put one or two tiny sensors on your head and your brainwaves are analysed by the software in real-time.

You lay back with your eyes closed and a tone plays when you produce synchronous alpha and/or theta. Watch a video here.

You simply focus on the tone with the intention to switch it on … so it’s like a Zen meditation. Your brain does the rest … biofeedback meditation!

The more you produce the louder the tone. Your brain knows what the tone means, so it enables your brain to rapidly learn to turn the tone on more, which means you are producing more synchronous alpha and/or theta.

The more synchronous alpha and/or theta you produce, the deeper the meditative state you go into, the more focussed and quiet your mind becomes, which enables you to lock onto the tone, which means you produce more synchronous alpha and theta, which means you’re in a deeper more profound state of meditation.

The deeper you go with alpha theta training the more powerful and profound the benefits.



Can you see the reinforcing feedback loop here?Neurofeedback meditation supercharges your brain’s ability to learn and in this case it’s learning to go into profound states of meditation where an aspect of that state is rock solid focus and a quiet mind.This is a natural outcome of your brain producing synchronous alpha and/or theta. This focus is an essential part of learning to meditate and deepening your meditations. In traditional training you spend years just trying to gain this sort of focus or quiet mind, let alone accessing deep states! 

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