Neurofeedback Anxiety Testimonials

Here are some home neurofeedback anxiety testimonials that demonstrate not only is neurofeedback a powerful and precise way to eliminate anxiety at its source…the brain. It also demonstrates that properly supervised home training with a professional is as effective as clinic based training except more convenient and cost effective in the long run.


Does Neurofeedback Work for Anxiety?


“After experiencing burn out and severe anxiety I am now strongly committed to looking after myself. I have developed an ability to do mental ‘push ups.’ Generally I feel more energetic, calm, focussed, confident and optimistic. I am enjoying my work and life much more.”

Peter. Regional Manager Adelaide

“As a Vietnam veteran I have taken different medication and tried every therapy for PTSD, yet still had headaches, flashbacks and bad sleep for twenty years. Neurofeedback with Jonathan took all that away and now I am off the drugs and feeling better than ever.”

Tony Director VA Counselling Adelaide

“I was battling anxiety and panic attacks for nine months until finally I couldn’t work. I was put on medication but it didn’t help. I felt terrible and totally out of control. After the first neurofeedback session I felt better. One week later I was back at work and off the medication, a few weeks after that I felt better than ever before.”

Bianca. Hairdresser Wollongong

“I wish to thank Jonathan for his ongoing support over the course of our training, all of this has made a lot of difference in the overall quality of my life, support that led to (and are leading) to many beneficial changes in my life, mainly due to a significant reduction in my chronic anxiety.”

G L Dentist

“Neurofeedback came recommended via two colleagues to assist with my personal development. These sessions made a significant difference in my approach to life, by re-establishing confidence and zest for life. My life is no longer driven by fear, and
opportunities are easily seized and run with. I’m really pleased that I found Jonathan, and myself again – so is my husband and employer. Some may view a home based approach as daunting given the technology and techniques involved. This is not the case – apport was easily established with Jonathan. His knowledge and willingness to remotely support me quickly established a routine and provided a level of comfort. This was important as home based sessions were a key reason behind the selection of Jonathan – this model allowed me to do the training in the privacy of my home to a timetable that suited my circumstances and at a much lower cost.”

C.C. Project Manager Sydney

“I found Jonathan after a search on home neurofeedback training. I had completed several sessions in a clinic setting with another practitioner but affordability was an issue and also being able to do enough sessions whilst working full time to get results so I was looking for an alternative. Home training meant I could cram in alot of sessions over the weekend and start benefitting from the training sooner. I found Jonathan genuine in wanting to help, knowledgeable and available by email, Skype or phone if I had queries about how to use the equipment or what I was experiencing. He was able to work around my work schedule and time difference for consultations. After 2 months I can honestly say my anxiety was reduced and my thinking clearer and short term memory improved. These improvements have persisted. I will be undertaking his alpha theta training next.”

Andrea. Accountant Perth

“I came across JB after reading an article about neuroplasticity and the use of brain training techniques to help trauma victims. I had gone through a difficult time with anxiety and depression. Being a person who thinks too much, I found traditional cognitive behavioural therapies made things worse and the side effects of antidepressants were awful. Jonathan’s techniques were helpful in calming and normalising my brain as well as reducing the discontinuation symptoms of the antidepressants when I stopped using them. Jonathan is highly compassionate and took the time to fine tune the treatment as positive changes began to take root. The training itself is simple, non invasive and best of all I got to catch up on some good movies. Thanks Jonathan!”

V.B. Finance and Banking Brisbane

“Now that we have come to the end of my sessions with you, I want to tell you how happy I am with the end results. After 10 months of determined application I feel that I am now depression and anxiety free. I suffered clinical depression and anxiety constantly all of my adult life and was amazed to see your therapy successfully give a friend of mine such relief and now it has done the same for me. The result is an ABSENSE of depression and I have to say it amazes me each day. It is permanent and I look forward to the rest of my time without the black cloud hovering over me. I wish there was a way of getting this info out to people suffering depression, it has to be a way forward without drugs. Thank you again Jonathan.”

Tanya Challenor

Hi Jonathan, I wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping neurofeedback (developmental trauma) benefit our teenage son. He lost his mother when he was 8, and ever since, he had found it hard to manage his anger and negative feelings. My husband and I as his step mum tried to help him for years, using every other method we could find, but this was bigger than him, not something that he could control, even though he wanted to.

The trauma he experienced made his brain ‘stuck’ at feeling angry, that the world was against him and that there was something wrong with him. Any support or feedback was taken as harsh criticism, so it made it difficult for him to make changes in his behaviour to support himself. This conflict between what he wanted and what his brain was making him do was causing a negative spiral. It was affecting his learning and the daily stress levels in our family affected all of our lives.

We found that home neurofedback training, especially amygdala training, helped him relax within himself and accept himself. It totally changed the colour of the feedback he was hearing to that of constructive, loving support. It helped him step outside of his all-consuming feelings to see the bigger picture, the positive in the world, to see things from others’ point of view and see solutions to support himself.

Within a couple of weeks of targeted training, he became empowered to take responsibility for himself, embrace his life, and change what he wanted to change. His satisfaction in life and his relationships with his family and friends greatly improved. And it is so peaceful in the home now.

As parents, it is so important and rewarding for us to see that he has healed and is thriving! I would recommend neurofeedback for anyone with any form of PTSD and/or developmental trauma.


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Supervised home neurofeedback is a powerful and effective way to change you and/or your child’s life for the better. It’s fun, easy, non-invasive, safe, natural, holistic and scientifically validated.

If these neurofeedback testimonials resonate then Contact me via email or phone and we can discuss how I can help you and/or your child with home neurofeedback in the convenience and privacy of your own home, fully supervised by a caring professional with over 20 years neurofeedback experience.

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