Alpha Theta Training the Most Powerful Meditation Technique

Would you like to see what your brain is doing when you are meditating or learning to meditate?

Well now you can with the most powerful meditation technique called Alpha Theta training which uses Neurofeedback. This is a cutting edge EEG technology that monitors your brainwaves and tells you when you are producing synchronous Alpha or Theta in real-time.

This service isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who want to:

  • Meditate but cant despite their best efforts
  • Start meditation and are looking for the most powerful meditation technique
  • Profoundly deepen their meditations
  • Increase their brain power

This is also for people who are:

  • Serious about their personal development and have done every type of behavioural and mind programming work.
  • Experienced meditators and want a more advanced meditation technique to deepen their practice.
  • Interested in and using brain training software to increase brain power.

If you want to meditate, believe in it, think it’s a good idea, understand its benefits, perhaps you have been advised to do so for health or personal development reasons. You have probably tried to learn several even many times but just can’t get much from it. You either crash into sleep, feel messy afterwards or you just can’t switch your mind off and let go.

So either way you haven’t learned to do it and you aren’t getting any of the benefits you know you can get if only you could do it.

The Dalai Lama believes that neuroscience will help improve Buddhist techniques and has set up research with neuroscientists to accelerate development. Research

You’re dedicated and have been meditating for a few or many years and want a more advanced meditation technique. Your meditations are good but they haven’t progressed for years and you want to go deeper and experience the stillness of the silence and greater health, mental and personal/spiritual development benefits of profoundly deep meditation at a greater level of mastery.

You’re serious about your personal development and always on the lookout for something that will give you an edge or take you to the next level. You have gone to workshops, done every form of behavioural and mental programming work, eg, NLP; maybe you have used self hypnosis, subliminal or brainwave entrainment CDs. You have read every book on success, personal development, motivation, mental programming and/or spirituality. When you have done everything else now it’s time to do the most powerful thing you can do that will supercharge everything you have already learned.

Maybe you want to start learning meditation and don’t have the time to go to classes and learn the traditional slow way that will take you years. You want to know about the fastest most powerful and effective way to learn meditation in the privacy of your home with expert guidance and rapidly progress to mastery and enjoy all the benefits sooner rather than later.

You are interested in how to increase your brain power and harness whole brain learning. Perhaps you use or have used brain training software and are now looking to take your brain enhancement to the next level. Testimonials

If you are interested in doing this powerful meditation technique (Alpha theta training with neurofeedback) email or call me and we can discuss a program for you. There are limited places so I can give clients the very best attention to maximise their results. So don’t hesitate… call or email here.

Two locations in Wollongong for personal sessions or supervised home training in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne Australia and worldwide.

Within Australia 02-42836344
Outside Australia 61-2-42836344

I’m offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee as I am totally confident you will be incredibly impressed but if not you can have your money back.

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