Advanced Meditation in Sydney. How it works.

Why is neurofeedback the most advanced meditation technique? How does it work?

Using a miniaturised EEG (brainwave) device the size of an Mp3 player that runs wirelessly on your computer or laptop you put one or two tiny sensors on your head and your brainwaves are analysed by the software in real-time. You lay back with your eyes closed and a tone plays when you produce synchronous alpha and/or theta. Watch a video here.

You simply focus on the tone with the intention to switch it on… so it’s like a Zen meditation.

Because the tones are based on your real-time brainwave states the technology is acting as a mirror for your brain to watch itself in real-time. This is brainfulness! You simple focus on the tones (a simple form of mindfulness) but the real innovation and why it’s such a powerful meditation technique is that your brain is learning at a sub-cortical or unconscious level.

So your brain is doing all the work for you!

The more synchronous alpha and theta you produce the louder the tone. Your brain knows what the tone means so it enables your brain to rapidly learn to turn the tone on more, which means you are producing more synchronous alpha and/or theta. The more synchronous alpha and/or theta you produce the deeper the meditative state you go into, the more focused and quiet your mind becomes, which enables you to lock onto the tone, which means you produce more synchronous alpha and theta, which means you’re in a deeper more advanced and profound state of meditation. The deeper you go the more powerful and profound the benefits.

Can you see the reinforcing feedback loop here!


Neurofeedback supercharges your brain’s ability to learn and in this case its learning to go into profound states of advanced meditation where an aspect of that state is rock solid focus and a quiet mind. They are just part of the physiology of synchronous alpha and/or theta. This focus is an essential part of learning to meditate and deepening your meditations. In traditional training you spend years just trying to gain this sort of focus or quiet mind let alone accessing deep states!

Imagine how this accelerates your ability to practice mindfulness throughout your day when your mind is naturally much quieter from the alpha theta training.

Each session you do gets better as you find you are going through a rapid learning curve. Even better after a few months you are able to do it without the feedback as you have learnt a skill. Alpha theta training is learning and meditation. You learn to meditate quickly and powerfully with rock solid ability. That is absolutely awesome. Research

If you are a beginner or advanced in meditation neurofeedback can help accelerate your progress and bring you greater rewards and benefits.

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