Neurofeedback can help ADHD, Autism, Learning and Behavioural Disorders

Neurofeedback or Neurotherapy in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Wollongong is a natural alternative approach that can heal ADHD, ADD, learning and behavioural disorders and substantially improve autism spectrum symptoms.

As an alternative autism treatment it is the most powerful and precise form of brain training for you or your child. Read some testimonials here

Its incredibly easy as you only have to watch DVDs with 2 tiny sensors on your head. Watch a video on success stories with autism and Read more

It is a scientifically proven alternative to medication and a natural autism treatment. Research

I have 18 years experience with Neurofeedback helping people just like you. You and/or your child do not need to struggle with these issues anymore.

Phone 02-4283 6344 or email me now and I can answer all your questions and discuss your needs in detail and the best way to set you up with supervised home based training or for one-to-one sessions in two clinic locations in Wollongong for holistic autism treatment.

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