Deep Relaxation Meditation



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Deep relaxation will leave you feeling relaxed, confident and switched on. It is an easy and powerful way to learn deep relaxation.

A relaxation session consists of a Alpha track and music and uses the most powerful:

  • relaxation techniques
  • meditation techniques
  • guided relaxation
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • relaxation exercises
  • evocative alpha relaxation music

To quickly lead you to the most calming states of deep relaxation and is perfect for:

  • learning how to relax
  • relaxation therapy
  • relaxation meditation
  • sleep
  • stress management
  • stress relief
  • anxiety relief

2 x 15 minute sessions

This is ideal training for beginners and teaches the 5 to 0 count towards total relaxation. With regular use it can be extremely helpful when implemented in situations where calmness is needed.

It has 2 tracks. Track 1 is for use during the day and Track 2 is for night time in bed before you go to sleep.[/one_half_last]