Alpha Theta Training Advanced Meditation in Sydney with Neurofeedback

Alpha Theta training using Neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback) powerfully mimics meditation practice…by giving you real-time feedback playing a tone when you are producing synchronous alpha and/or theta.

So what is so special about synchronous alpha and theta? 
Well all the EEG (brainwave ) studies done over the last 40 years with various meditation masters have demonstrated a key signature of meditation is synchronised brainwaves in the alpha and or theta range. When the same analysis was done with beginners, it showed they produced very little synchronous brainwaves. As their experience increased from 5, 10, to 20 years the amount of synchronous alpha and theta they produced during meditation increased and spread from the back to the front of the head.

Alpha theta training allows a beginner to mimic this production of synchronous alpha and theta and the spreading ability of a Master using the feedback. You can achieve the same results in a few months that normally takes years.If you are already meditating then alpha theta training will rapidly lift you to the next level..this is a 21st Century meditation revolution!!!!

Bill Harris the guy who made a fortune with the slogan “Mediate like a Zen Monk” to sell his Holosync brainwave entrainment CDs did Alpha brainwave training and was so impressed he wrote to all his customers raving about it and encouraging them to go and do it!

If you are interested in doing this training email or call me and we can discuss a program for you. There are limited places so I can give clients the very best attention to maximise their results. So don’t hesitate… call or email now.

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Im offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee as I am totally confident you will be incredibly impressed but if not you can have your money back. Testimonials

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