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Home Neurofeedback in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and country Australia. Is it for everyone?

It’s perfect for parents and adults that have been doing Neurofeedback at a clinic for one or more children or themselves and are finding it stressful with all the travel and costly. Or for parents or adults who have done some research and feel that home training would be much easier and cost effective for them. Testimonials

In big cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane battling traffic twice a week to get to a Neurofeedback session where you only get 30 minutes of training time can be very hard. What often makes it worse for the parent (which is usually the mum) is that they have to take the other kids too. If they are younger or have some behavioural issues too it can be stressful managing them while one child does the Neurofeedback as the total appointment time ranges from 45 to 60 minutes.

“Our family life was pretty stressful and out of control when I first heard about neurotherapy. Two very busy working parents with high level of professional responsibilities, 9 yo twins with diagnosed disabilities and no family support… all the ingredients for an explosive result, and such was our family life…from the minute Jonathan assessed our son…we knew we were in good hands.

“I personally feel relieved, and I am extremely impressed and proud of their achievements and my contribution. I can enjoy a ‘normal’ life, without stressing when my mobile phone rings during school hours.

“The situation is under control, the family is happy to do simple activities together and with others. No more embarrassment, only enjoyment. I think that thanks to Jonathan’s way to manage the neurotherapy sessions, we have become a very strong and mature family.

“We are a winning team.”
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M. J. Sydney, 23 May 2010

When you add up travel and session costs it works out a great deal cheaper in the long run doing home EEG training as you can do as many sessions as you want for the same monthly rental. Also you can save alot of money when you are training more than one child as the cost increases slightly for each child because you are already paying for the equipment. In some situations the whole family can do the training including mum and dad.

It’s not for everyone as some parents don’t feel confident enough with computers or just doing the training. Others may have a child who is very oppositional especially with them so they feel it would be too much stress trying to manage their child at home and its more productive to go to a clinic and let someone else do it.

Dear Jonathan
“Just a small token of my (our) appreciation for all you’ve done for Lilly (all of us).

“I truly don’t feel you have any concept the impact of your care has had for us. It has been a lifeline when we were drowning. To reach that lifeline and be pulled to shore has been so incredible!

“I will never be able to repay you for your work, understanding and warm dealings and will remain indebted.
“Thank you so much!”
Mrs E. Crowe

With Skype you can have video calls so your trainer can see what you are doing so for parents who feel ok with their basic computer skills, like everything its a bit to learn at first but after a week it’s easy and there is as much guidance and support as you want or need.

Each week you email your trainer a progress graph and based on that and your feedback your trainer is able to guide your training.

To find out how you can set up for home Neurofeedback go here.

Contact me directly and we can discuss how I can help you and/or your child beat the issues you are struggling with. neurofeedback home use is fun, easy, non-invasive, safe natural and has no adverse side effects. In the convenience and privacy of your own home, fully supervised by a caring professional with 18 years experience.

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Dear Jonathan
“You have changed my son’s life. His Aspergers condition has changed so much his teacher cried. He is so much calmer and mature, his school results have improved dramatically.”
Mrs L Granger

“As a father I was so proud to watch my son receive the best achiever award at school. What a turn around from his chronic underachievement!

“Thank you very much, keep up the good work.”
Mr B Smith

“After suffering regular stress headaches and migraines and feeling chronically fatigued, I now feel in control, calm, relaxed, patient. I feel more optimistic and energetic.

“I am working less hours, achieving more and I am stress and migraine free.”
Mr P Irving