Corporate Coaching in Sydney with Neurofeedback Supercharge Your Brain

Corporate coaching  using neurofeedback will improve you and/or your teams performance in business, study, athletics/sport, performing arts, health & wellness. Re-tune your brain with the most powerful & enduring corporate brain training available.

Your Brain’s tuning is absolutely important as it enables you to be able to:

  • benefit from personal development and peak performance
  • manage normal stress
  • heal physically and emotionally
  • be able to learn and progress with meditation

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If your brain has been de-tuned it stops you from being able to achieve any of the above and you are left wondering why.

Am I weak willed?

Wasn’t I ‘ready?

Am I sabotaging myself?

In normal corporate coaching and executive coaching cognitive based approaches like CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), NLP (neuro linguistic programming) or any sort of positive thinking or motivational coaching dominates yet they only work well enough for about 10 to 20% of people. In these cases it just isn’t powerful enough…doesn’t push back and re-tune the brain.

HOWEVER for the other 80% to 90% it isn’t strong enough and only has mild or temporary affect, so you try something different and that too fails and you try something else and it too doesn’t hold. You did the coaching, you did the therapy you know what to do in order to progress but it does not hold; old patterns of behaviour keep re-surfacing.

Does this story sound familiar?

Then you need to work directly with the brain, as it is so complex and powerful in it’s own right it doesn’t change enough working through the mind or body. Cognitive and positive thinking approaches are like working with the software. Neurofeedback is working with hardware and many of the issues we face are hardware based not so much software. Neurofeedback is the most powerful way to work with the hardware of your brain and so the most effective form of corporate brain training.

Your brain can get stuck in a de-tuned state and that will block your progress in anything that you try and do.

The following all contribute to de-tuning your brain

  •  toxins
  •  electromagnetic pollution
  •  poor diet
  •  drugs/ alcohol
  •  medications
  •  sleep deprivation
  •  accumulated bumps to the head
  •  concussion head trauma
  •  long term stress
  •  emotional shock or trauma
  •  aging
  •  PTSD:
  • childhood abuse

Neurofeedback is the most powerful & enduring corporate brain training, which enhances corporate coaching to accelerate peak performance & brain enhancement!  Research

Why? Because it works with the brain’s hardware.

It’s safe, natural and easy. the technology allows your brain to watch itself in real-time and make fine tuned adjustments to it’s functioning. With each session these self directed adjustments by your brain add up to improvements in:

  • thinking
  • concentration
  • mood
  • energy
  • health

Use the power of Neurofeedback based executive coaching to let your brain re-tune itself back to peak performance.

Cutting edge brain training technology for corporate and executive coaching. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia. In-house and remote training.

Contact us and we can discuss how neurofeedback can help you and/or your team’s performance.


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