Serious Recovery for Serious Performing Artists, Athletes and High Flyers

Brain training technologies like neurofeedback and brainwave entrainment are the most cutting edge technology for easy effect and powerful recovery.

When I say recovery I mean recovery from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stress and pressure from a professional lifestyle…both the work and the play!

Why do you need effective recovery? In sports science, physiological recovery is a huge area and all Olympic and professional athletes of all codes are subject to strict physiological recovery regimes in order to compete at the highest level. It’s no different for performing artists, high flying professionals or entrepreneurs.

The combination of:

  • Long days and late nights
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Performance pressures
  • Self medicating with drugs and alcohol
  • Excessive use of stimulants like coffee

Dramatically reduce your:

  • Brain
  • Nervous system
  • Body’s ability to recover from stress and fatigue.

The more stress and fatigue you accumulate the less able you are to recover, the more your performance suffers the more unsustainable your coping mechanisms become which aren’t good. Your brain and immune function plus sleep will suffer and you will age faster…these are scientific facts!!

This can show up as:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Competitive anxiety
  • Moodiness and/or aggression or short fuse
  • Depressed and unmotivated
  • Lower concentration and focus
  • Poor learning and memory
  • Becoming sick more often
  • Increased drug and/or alcohol use

Any or all of these factors means your professional performance and quality of life will suffer.

Get on top of your recovery, drain away years of accumulated stress that is weighing you down and re-tune your brain so you feel ten years younger.

It is easy safe natural and fun. Imagine putting a pair of glasses on with LEDS, closing your eyes laying back and watch the incredible patterns dance across your mind’s eye. These patterns are by- products of your brain been stimulated by the light pulsing in frequencies that mimic brainwaves. This simple process switches on your natural stress antidote system on and allows you to relax and revitalise in as little as 15 mins.

Or imagine placing a sensor on your head that picks up your brainwaves in real time and feeds them to software that uses them to control the size of a DVD screen. You watch your favourite DVD and your brain controls the size of the screen in real time which has a powerful exercising effect on your brain that re-tunes it.

This is not science fiction these are scientifically validated technologies used by millions of people from kids to adults, athletes, surgeons, pilots and performing artists all around the world.

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