The most powerful breathing meditation on the market, combining alpha brainwave entrainment with yogic diaphragmatic breathing for deep relaxation, calm and focus.


Product Description

Consists of an Alpha track and music with a guided breathing session.


Deep Breathing is the most powerful deep breathing meditation on the market. You are gently and persistently reminded to stay focused on breathing with the hypnotic drum beat, while the guided suggestions and subliminals speak directly to your unconscious mind, seducing your body into profound relaxation, whilst quieting and brightening your mind.

It utilizes:

  • yoga breathing techniques (pranayama)
  • diaphragmatic breathing
  • guided meditation and self hypnosis
  • the power of binaural brainwave entrainment
  • visualization

The breath control tempo is set at sixty beats per minute which, studies show have a calming effect on your mind and body.

It is fantastic for:

  • refreshing, revitalizing and recovery from fatigue
  • strengthening focus and concentration
  • anxiety
  • stress relief
  • relaxing
  • breathing meditation
  • sleep
  • quieting a busy mind
  • anger management
  • agitation
  • brain injuries
  • depression

You will feel switched on, revitalized calm and focused.

Use it for:

Nervousness or distress.

Very deep tiredness.

When you find it difficult to stop thinking or calming your mind down.

It will improve concentration.

Additional Information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 145 x 127 x 10 mm
CD or Mp3 format