Pain Management and Healing Meditation



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Consists of an Alpha track and music with a guided relaxation session.

Pain Management and Healing is a powerful healing meditation and self hypnosis that takes you on a journey into your body to balance, heal and invigorate. It works from the immune system to the organs and down to your cells, empowering your body’s natural ability to heal.

Pain and discomfort melt away as you sink deeper into relaxation, like slipping into a warm bath, to be replaced with recovery and healing.

It is filled with powerful suggestions and guided imagery to:

  • motivate
  • encourage
  • build confidence

Use it in the healing and rehabilitation of:

  • illness
  • injury
  • surgery

You will feel healthier, relaxed, energized and confident with reduced pain.

It will help manage and relieve all types of pain.

Recuperate and healing from illness, injury and surgery.

It will encourage inner strength and the building of confidence in your rehabilitation and healing process.