Neurofeedback Eliminates Performance Anxiety and Increases Creativity

Train your brain in the comfort and privacy of your own home…when it suits you. This is perfect for adults, teenagers and children involved in the performing arts.

Recent applied research with high achieving students at the prestigious Royal College of Music London demonstrated that neurofeedback substantially improved students stylistic accuracy, interpretive imagination and incidental error count. Apart from being reported in several scientific journals there was also an article in the Financial Times 2003.

Other research has shown improvements in concentration, memory, creativity, emotional stability and athletic ability. Think about it…everything you experience and do is based on your brain!

Neurofeedback is a safe, natural and non-invasive training process that utilises brainwaves produced by your brain. One or two censors are placed on your head that detect your brainwaves, which are fed back to you via graphics on the computer screen. Learning to control the graphics means you are learning to control your brainwaves. This process enables your marvellous brain to re-tune itself. Every musician understands the importance of a properly tuned instrument. In science this wonderful ability of your brain to re-tune itself is called brain plasticity or neuroplasticity.

Neurofeedback can be used to strengthen weaknesses or enhance strengths. We have worked with children and adults with anxiety, learning and concentration problems to professional and Olympic athletes, as well as performing artists for peak performance. Jon Stevens and Deni Hines use our Brain Trainer. Testimonials

You can think of the brain as a self conducting orchestra, where all the different structures of the brain represent the  different groups of instruments. Imagine if the conductor’s timing was only slightly out and the instruments were all just a fraction out of tune, what a difference it would make to the overall sound. Neurofeedback sharpens up the conductor and fine tunes the instruments thus improving the orchestra’s sound. In this case the sound represents your behavioural/emotional reactions and academic, athletic, artistic or musical performance.

Neurofeedback is the most effective way to manage recovery and stress for high achievers, which can significantly increase general emotional wellbeing adding up to powerful improvements in quality of life and professional performance. Neurofeedback is a cutting edge tool for performing artists who want to open up their creativity and eliminate any anxiety or depression….No drugs needed!

In fact neurofeedback can eliminate drug dependence or revitalise your brain after the ravishes of too much of the high life.

If you are interested in doing this training email or call me and we can discuss a program for you. There are limited places so I can give clients the very best attention to maximise their results. So don’t hesitate… call or email now.

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