Learn About Brain Plasticity and How You Can Harness Placticity of the Brain

In a nutshell, brain plasticity is the ability of the adult brain to change itself in response to:

  • learning
  • new experiences
  • novel stimulation
  • conscious mental focus

Scientifically speaking, plasticity of the brain refers to the changes in neurons, neural pathways and brain function due to learning, behaviour or environment.

Up to very recently, scientist believe that the brain was fixed after the age of 18 and if there was any damage or if there was loss of performance from stress, illness or aging then that loss was permanent.

Now clinical, rehabilitation and research evidence is debunking this belief. In fact, it is now well established that some regions of the brain produce new neurons (neurogenesis) until the moment of death. This means our brains are pliable, plastic and changeable throughout our lives.

The good and bad …

Brain plasticity works in positive and negative ways for us. When we experience something 9either extremely intensely over a long time period), eg, fear our brain structures, neural pathways and the neurochemistry associated with it strengthen and the chemistry, pathways and structures involved in calm confidence weakens. This is applicable to certain emotions such as anger versus peacefulness, depression versus happiness or general positive versus negative thinking and outlook.

Often, the more severe your symptoms demonstrates you have great brain plasticity, so you have just as much potential to change for the better. With understanding and armed with brain training tools and techniques, you can turn your brain around again.


Neurofeedback has utilised the brain’s capacity for plasticity for over 40 years. It is widely understood that challenging the brain with specific brainwave feedback enables it to regulate or re-tune itself (plasticity) for:

  • ADHD,
  • ADD,
  • Anxiety and depression,
  • Peak performance,
  • Age related decline.

Recently there has been hard evidence using MRI to show conclusive proof neurofeedback changes the brain, which demonstrated neuroplasticity. Other processes that have also demonstrated powerful positive changes in the brain using brain imaging technology which include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive rational thinking

Start harnessing the power of your brain’s plasticity today. Through neurofeedback and my meditation and deep relaxation CD’s and MP3, as well as cognitive brain training you can achieve optimum brain performance.

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Help your brain work for you.