How Does Your Brain Work?

The brain is the most complex structure known to science in the universe. It is an incredibly sophisticated organ that gives us a unique experience of our world around us. Every thought, emotion, feeling and perception was all generated by your brain. It also controls your body with all its systems and organs right down to a cellular level. Everything you have ever learned from walking and talking to riding a bike and mathematics was all learned by your brain.

Brainwaves and neurotransmitters

Biologically speaking, how does your brain work? The brain takes sensory inputs from the eyes, ears and body and converts them into chemical and electrical impulses that travel along neuronal pathways to different lobes and then fan out in a specific pattern of neuronal firing.

When the electrical signal reaches a synapse, it triggers a neurotransmitter that floats across the synaptic cleft (gap between synapses). This firing is produced by electrical impulses that travel through the dendrites, which are the branches of the neurons. If it was something you were seeing those impulses would end up in the Occipital lobe where different types of specialized neurons would fire that recognize different features like shape, edges, colour, movement, etc.

The brain is constantly changing its wiring patterns each time you experience or learn something new. It encodes information in the patterns of neurons that fire together.

When you remember something, a series of neurons fire together in exactly the same way as when you originally experienced or learned it because they are now ‘hardwired’ together. That is how the brain works and how long-term memory is produced.

As you experience or learn new things, your brain is constantly adding new connections. And as you forget or don’t need things, it is pruning old connections. This is the “soft” part of the hardwiring known as brain plasticity and neurogenesis.

 It is still a mystery how does the brain work and manages to combine all this information from different structures to create one seamless experience.

However it is obvious that the brain is an incredibly smart system that self regulates or tunes itself so that its parts work together in a precisely timed choreographed dance of electrical signals and chemical messaging, connecting and disconnecting to perform every task imaginable to give us our experience of ourselves and the world around us.

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