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This is the most powerful Alpha meditation and relaxation experience on the net. With Alpha meditation you will experience:

  • profound meditation
  • deep relaxation
  • increased mindfulness
  • enhanced personal and spiritual development
  • peak performance
  • enhanced learning and memory
  • deeper more restful sleep
  • stress relief
  • freedom from anxiety


Are you tired of people telling you your dreams are a waste of time? It’s so easy for people to say you can’t achieve what you want and, it’s all a gimmick!

“This is the best brainwave entrainment I have ever heard. Its excellent and much better than the renowned Holosync CDs. I have used the Alpha CD with my clients and they love it.” Steve Lewis Life Coach

I’ve been involved in brainwave entrainment and binaural beats for 24 years and helped thousands of people overcome difficulties or just go deeper into more profound meditation opening up a whole new level of possibilities for them. I can help you achieve your goals and dreams too.

Alpha Brainwave Entrainment music is not just another entrainment track created by software and added to a piece of music. In fact, this uniquely crafted relaxation, trance and meditation track was created as a piece of music in a studio with specially selected instruments so you will really notice the difference and undoubtedly feel the benefits.

Imagine how your life would be if you could easily access deep relaxation or meditation to eliminate stress and anxiety, feel more confident and happy and achieve more of what you want.

My life’s work is about helping people by supporting and optimising their potential to create higher levels of happiness and well-being.

I’ve spent years working and researching worth tens of thousands of dollars to create this unique form of Alpha music so you can benefit from all my work for just $14.95 Mp3 or $29.95 CD

“I have used the Alpha CD quite a bit and find it such a lovely calming, relaxing experience it has become my friend.” Jenny Walsh Teacher

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