Free Brain Training Games

The brain is like any other muscle in your body; the more you use it the better it becomes. The more complex answer is that specific brain exercises will stimulate specific areas of the brain and thus improve specific but also overall brain functioning.

Benefits of using (free) Braining Training Games

Regular brain exercise can influence the shape and working of your brain. The hippocampus plays a major role in laying down long term memories which is essential for learning. Games that exercise your memory stimulate your hippocampus.

A fit brain will have larger basal ganglia, an important area of the brain that helps with the decisive management of thoughts and actions. The hippocampus that assists with complex thinking will also be bigger. The basal ganglia and hippocampus work together and benefit equally from regular stimulating exercises.

Brain stimulation in the form of brain training causes the development of new brain cells in an area of the brain that is called the dentate gyrus. This is directly linked to increased memory and memory loss. Daily exercise will ensure increased short term memory abilities, faster response times and growing creativity.

What type of exercises do you need to do?

Brain training can be done to address a wide range of issues you might feel the need to pay attention to. You can choose to concentrate on memory, attention, focus, speed, language, visual perception, problem solving, reaction times or just to increase your general brain health.

You can also use age specific exercises to match the stage of life your at. Children will obviously need different training from an adult or even an elderly mature person dealing with memory loss.

Doing exercises in the form of games tend to work very well since you are having so much fun that you are forgetting that you are actually working your brain.
Through neurofeedback and my meditation and deep relaxation CD’s and MP3, as well as cognitive brain training, you can achieve optimum brain performance.

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