Eliminate the Foggy Feeling After Meditation with Neurofeedback

Do you find it easy to go into what seems like deep states of meditation but you drift around in fantasy land and possibly they can turn dark very easily?

Do you often come out of a meditation feeling:

  • Foggy
  • Spaced out
  • Forgetful
  • Low energy
  • A bit depressed or anxious

If you experience any of this it is very likely your brain is chronically under-aroused. Your brain is de-tuned in a way that it is producing too much theta and/or alpha and delta brainwaves in your day-to-day awake state.

Because your normal awake brain state is already producing a lot of Theta and/or Alpha and Delta then you go into internalised states very easily, so it seems you go into meditation, deep relaxation etc quite quickly and deeply but you lack focus.

Eyes closed meditation could be making your under-aroused brain worse by locking it into this de-tuned state. In traditional yogic practice there is a lot of eyes open meditation and breathing before you advance to eyes closed meditation. This helps to tune the brain and prepare you to go into trance. It’s not just about being able to fall into deep states but having the focus and control to guide you in those states instead of floating around in fantasy.

Neurofeedback is the most powerful way to identify this under-aroused brain state with brainwave assessment and then re-tune your brain with training by reducing the excessive theta and/or alpha and delta. Research

Neurofeedback uses your brainwaves as feedback so you can control graphics via the software with your brainwaves. When you are producing too much theta, alpha or delta the graphics changes allowing your brain to adjust itself and so retune. This is a very powerful and specific eyes open training focussed on the brainwaves and areas of your brain identified by the brainwave assessment. Testimonials

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