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The difference between ADHD and ADD

EEG Neurofeedback, also known as biofeedback EEG neurofeedback or EEG neurotherapy, is a way of measuring brainwaves and then using them to exercise and challenge you and/or your child’s brain.

Using neurofeedback can train your way out of problems like ADHD, ADD, learning disorders, mood and behavioral problems. It’s safe, natural, no side effects, easy, fun and works!

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How are ADD and ADHD similar?

Children and adults with ADHD and ADD both have areas of the brain where there is too much slow brainwave activity. This is usually seen in the Theta (4-8Hz) but sometimes Alpha (8-12Hz) range and even in some more extreme cases, Delta (.5-4Hz).

The under-aroused parts of the ADHD brain, similar to ADD are the Sensory Motor Strip, Parietal lobes, back part of the Temporal lobes and sometimes the Frontal lobes. Excessive Delta usually relates to some sort of developmental delay.


With ADD, most of the brain is producing too much Theta and/or Alpha. The brain is said to be under-aroused, it’s like it’s half asleep.

This creates issues like:

  • spaced-out and day dreaming
  • can’t focus
  • can’t stay on task

In the worst situations there is poor:

  • comprehension
  • short term memory
  • logic

EEG Neurofeedback, boy doing homework

Often there is:

  • physical impulsiveness
  • poor coordination/clumsiness
  • lack of motivation
  • immature behavior
  • low self esteem/or the opposite oblivious to their issues
  • depression
  • poor motivation
  • tendency to become easily tired
  • can’t play by themselves

ADD and ADHD share the same basic problems of:

  • impulsivness
  • poor concentration and difficulty with remaining on task
  • learning
  • memory

How are ADD and ADHD different?

The big difference is usually that children and adults with ADD lack mental energy and get tired very quickly. They tend to be more spaced out and placid, with no mood or behavioral problems that really stand out.

Even though they do have issues, they tend to be the quiet ones who can go unnoticed in the classroom or office, yet are struggling and perhaps their problems don’t get picked up.

In contrast, ADHD people have high energy levels and tend towards hyperactivity … the “H” in ADHD. There is also a sub-group, having mood and behaviour issues that cause as much or more problems than their learning issues. These people can be the focus of attention in good and bad ways.

What causes the hyper-activity?

This hyper-activity is usually caused by very fast brainwaves called Hi-beta (22-38Hz) that is usually found in the Temporal, Frontal and/or Prefrontal lobes and/or Cingulate cortex.

When it is just the Frontal lobes, there are usually no mood or behavioral problems, just issues associated with the Frontal lobes being over-aroused like:

  • logical sequencing
  • comprehension
  • excessive mental chatter or clutter which slows learning
  • being impulsive

Even though both ADD and ADHD adults and children have problems with remaining focussed and staying on task it is possible that they can become hyper-focussed, if it’s something they enjoy, causing great frustration and perplexity of parents, friends and spouses.

Need help?

ADD and ADHD and all the associated challenges are a brain based problem, so it makes sense to work directly with the brain. The most precise, powerful and effective way to work with the brain is EEG Neurofeedback.

Would you or your child find it hard watching DVDs or playing computer games?

Imagine doing this to eliminate ADD and ADHD and all the stress they cause …. this is (EEG) Neurofeedback!

What makes it work is the placement of one or two tiny sensors on your head that pick up brainwaves, which are used to run the DVD or computer games with the special software.

Making your brain run the DVD or game powerfully exercises and challenges it to re-tune itself and eliminate all the problems. It’s incredibly easy … who can’t watch a DVD or play a computer game? Its like a fun home gym for your brain.

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