Corporate Meditation Sydney, the Most Advanced Meditation

Corporate meditation in Sydney uses Neurofeedback a cutting edge objective brain training process to rapidly advance meditation training. With traditional meditation techniques it takes years for most high achievers to still their very busy minds enough to make a difference and produce real mindfulness. Yet just a few neurofeedback training sessions and you can feel how your mind becomes quiet and still.

This makes it incredibly easy to start practicing mindfulness at a higher level, as you aren’t trying, it’s just happening. Your mind is still and quiet so you are more in the present whatever you’re doing. This is a high level of mastery that people practice for years and years to achieve and the vast majority never achieve no matter how hard they try!

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    The difficulty is the higher level of achievement, more responsibility and pressure you are under the harder it is for you to learn meditation in a traditional way. You invest precious time but don’t get the results. The learning curve is too steep and long. Neurofeedback changes all that, as it’s a real physical tool that substantially accelerates and flattens the learning curve. This is the most advanced technique for corporate meditation in Sydney.

    Neurofeedback is so powerful it has been used with elite US Army commandoes. Research

    These high achieving professionals got so much out of alpha theta training they did extra training during their free time when they would normally be playing sport or just resting. This is extraordinary because a traditional meditation training program had been previously tried that failed and actually increased their stress levels! These specialized soldiers are more like executives than professional athletes as they don’t have an off season and are under pressure all year round.

    The executives and athletes I trained all experienced powerful and remarkable effects like:

    • Greater physical and mental energy
    • Improved focus and concentration
    • Increased creativity and problem solving ability
    • Improved interpersonal skills
    • Improved relationships with spouses, children and work colleagues

    They reported feeling so much more:

    • Happier
    • Confident
    • Optimistic
    • Calm
    • Clear headed and switched on

    They all said it was the most powerful training they ever did and had the greatest impact on their performance and ability at work or in sports. Testimonials

    Most of these managers were not into meditation at all they didn’t believe in it yet now they were proud of their skill and what it had opened up in them. Many said they would never have believed they would be into this and if I had tried to sell them on this in the beginning they would have laughed me out of their office.

    Neurofeedback is an objective physical tool and NOT a subjective skill you need to learn and master to obtain results. It leverages your ability to meditate so effectively that essentially it virtually eliminates the learning the curve and offers profound benefits in an accelerated time frame. Perfect very busy managers and executives who are under a lot of performance pressure.

    Advanced meditation in Sydney

    Neurofeedback is a cutting edge technology using hardware and software that monitors your brainwaves in real-time and gives you feedback via tones when you are producing synchronous alpha and theta waves. This is essentially what research has demonstrated is the essence of high quality meditation. Receiving real-time objective feedback about your brainwave activity dramatically improves your learning. Graphs supply feedback on individual sessions and ongoing progress across sessions. Neurofeedback can give you the results you are after in an accelerated time frame making it the most efficient way to learn meditation.

    If you are interested in doing this customized, advanced meditation training, available in-house or remotely. Email or call and we can discuss a program for you and/or your team.

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