Serious Recovery for Serious Performing Artists, Athletes and High Flyers

Brain training technologies like neurofeedback and brainwave entrainment are the most cutting edge technology for easy effect and powerful recovery. When I say recovery I mean recovery from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stress and pressure from a professional lifestyle…both the work and the play! Why do you need effective recovery? In sports science, physiological […]

Neurofeedback Eliminates Performance Anxiety and Increases Creativity

Train your brain in the comfort and privacy of your own home…when it suits you. This is perfect for adults, teenagers and children involved in the performing arts. Recent applied research with high achieving students at the prestigious Royal College of Music London demonstrated that neurofeedback substantially improved students stylistic accuracy, interpretive imagination and incidental […]

Would You benefit from Mind Exercises?

Mind exercises are tasks that are scientifically designed to exercise and train specific mental processes to sharpen your mind. If you exercise your mind or do brain training exercises with optimally designed programs, you will improve your cognitive function. Who should do mind exercise games? Anyone interested in sharpening their brain functions. People who want […]