Alpha Theta Training the Most Powerful Meditation Technique

Would you like to see what your brain is doing when you are meditating or learning to meditate? Well now you can with the most powerful meditation technique called Alpha Theta training which uses Neurofeedback. This is a cutting edge EEG technology that monitors your brainwaves and tells you when you are producing synchronous Alpha […]

Corporate Meditation Sydney, the Most Advanced Meditation

Corporate meditation in Sydney uses Neurofeedback a cutting edge objective brain training process to rapidly advance meditation training. With traditional meditation techniques it takes years for most high achievers to still their very busy minds enough to make a difference and produce real mindfulness. Yet just a few neurofeedback training sessions and you can feel how your mind becomes […]

Corporate Coaching in Sydney with Neurofeedback Supercharge Your Brain

Corporate coaching  using neurofeedback will improve you and/or your teams performance in business, study, athletics/sport, performing arts, health & wellness. Re-tune your brain with the most powerful & enduring corporate brain training available. Your Brain’s tuning is absolutely important as it enables you to be able to: benefit from personal development and peak performance manage […]