Brain Health

Brain health is easy and makes absolute sense. You understand the benefits of a healthy body, well it’s just as important to have a healthy brain. This is probably more important today than ever before for three reasons:

1. An aging population

2. More people are using their brains as opposed to body’s for work or are going back to school to re-educate themselves for work in a changing and more difficult economic circumstances.

3. Many more things impacting our brain in negative was like:

  • Electromagnetic pollution
  • Chemical pollution
  • Processed foods
  • Work and life stress
  • Sleep deprivation

For me personally and I think most people would agree losing brain function would be worse than physical function. If your memory concentration and emotional zest begins to falter this changes who you are, how you experience your world and what you can do.

Over the next pages we will look at:

  • how you can Improve brain health
  • foods that improve memory
  • the effects of stress and the brain
  • brain vitamins

An overall brain fitness approach is simple and basic common sense.


“You are what you eat” so basically eat fresh wholesome food most of the time and fast or processed food only occasionally.


Walk, jog, swim, play a sport go to the gym, its all good and it helps with brain plasticity.


Stress is bad news for your brain and your life and probably the number one factor for brain aging.The most effective way to manage stress is deep relaxation or meditation and is essential for brain health. If you want a very effective way to do this get my Stress Antidote Mp3 or CD pack here. Get a stress management program and look at how you can change some things in your life to reduce stress.


Sleep deprivation is a huge factor in our modern 24/7 world. Try and get a little more sleep if you can it’s your brain’s natural repair and stress reduction state. If you have trouble with sleep then try my Stress Antidote pack which will improve your sleep.

Brain exercise

Read, learn new things, for example dancing, a musical instrument, academic study, hobbies. Do new things, visit new places. Challenge and stimulate your brain, it’s designed for this and responds really well. If you want a scientifically designed brain fitness program to put you through your paces go here.

Why don’t you have some fun with this Brain Age Test to see how well your brain is functioning compared to your age. If your brain age is lower than your age then you are doing well and if you wanted you could focus on peak performance to reach even higher. If its higher than your age then it’s time to start with some basic brain fitness to get your brain back in shape and to improve it beyond your age.