What are Brain Exercise Games?

Brain exercise games are scientifically designed games which are fun and challenging that exercise and train specific mental processes to sharpen your brain.

If you exercise your brain with optimally designed programs you will improve your cognitive function. Cognition is the scientific term for thinking processes like memory, attention and logic. You can do this by training your brain.

Who should play brain games?

  • Anyone interested in sharpening their brain.
  • People who want to regain their spark and slow age related decline.
  • People who have suffered any brain injury or illness.
  • Children with ADHD, ADD and learning disorders.

There are five main cognitive functions:

Brain exercise games - puzzle
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Language
  • Visual-spatial
  • Executive


Memory plays a crucial role in all cognitive activities, including reading, reasoning and mental calculation. There are several types of memory at work in the brain.

Taken together, these are the cognitive skills we may notice most when they begin to fail. To maintain a good memory, you need to train for it, which can be easier than you think, not to mention fun with brain games.


Attention is necessary in nearly all daily tasks. Good attention enables you to maintain concentration despite noise and distractions and to focus on several activities at once. It is also crucial for short term memory.

As we age, our attention span can decrease, making us more susceptible to distraction and less efficient at multitasking.


Language enables us to understand the spoken and written word and enables us to express ourselves to others which is crucial for our functioning in our lives. It consists of fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

Playing brain exercise games will challenge your ability to recognize, remember and understand words. With regular practice, you can expand your knowledge of new words and much more easily retrieve words that are familiar.


We live in a complex, moving, colourful, three-dimensional world. Analyzing visual information is necessary to be able to act within your environment.

Visual-spatial relationships and perception enable you to move around in your environment and manipulating things. It is of paramount importance in driving, for instance, something most of us do.


Without even realizing it, you use your logic and reasoning skills on a daily basis to make sense of things, then consider the possible consequences of your actions and make decisions on what to do. This is known as problem solving and planning.

Processing speed

Processing speed is an important function that ties all the others together and means how quick you can think.

Having a sharp brain is something we all want. It’s important to challenge, stimulate and effectively exercise all five areas to stay mentally sharp throughout your life especially if you are dealing with performance pressure at work, long term stress, fatigue or simply aging.

Keep your brain in shape by playing brain exercise games!