Advanced Meditation in Sydney

Would you like to see your brainwaves and use them to learn to meditate or deepen your meditation?



Do you want to take your meditation to the next level?

Have you always found meditation difficult and have tried many techniques but still cant get started or go very deep?

Did you know that the majority of people find it quite hard to meditate or to progress into deeper more profound levels?

Would you like to experience the joy and healing power of deep alpha and theta states?

Learn what neuroscience research has discovered why many people find it hard to meditate.

Learn about the most powerful meditation training based on cutting edge neuroscience called Neurofeedback that can dramatically improve your meditation. Research

I always found it hard to meditate and felt like a bit of a loser compared to others who found it so easy and gained alot of benefit.

I have tried every technique and learned some in ashram retreats then practicing every day for a year with little benefit.

Eighteen years ago I discovered the neuroscience of meditation and neurofeedback. Since then I have trained many people who like me were not able to meditate with this advanced meditation training. Testimonials

The Dalai Lama is actively involved with neuroscientists to find ways to accelerate and deepen meditation.

Your brain already knows what these states are and knows how to create them.

Neurofeedback enables your brain to explore and open into these states.

You don’t need to try and do anything in the beginning except listen to the soothing feedback sounds as your brain begins to produce synchronous alpha and theta.

Neurofeedback is a powerful new process that will enable you to reach deeper alpha and theta states than ever before deeper than you could have ever hoped to attain.

Neurofeedback is not a hyped up marketing catch phrase for some form of meditation, self hypnosis or deep relaxation technique.

Its a cutting edge brain monitoring technology that allows your brain to observe itself in real time… Mindfulness for the brain. Research

The process is safe and natural and simple allows your brain to watch itself produce the right brainwaves for profound meditation and tell you when it is… so you learn to do it faster easier and to a deeper level.

Deep alpha theta states have powerful healing and empowering effects with deep resolution of issues and integration of your personality.

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 Learn all about how neurofeedback can profoundly deepen your mediation and bring you all the benefits of truly deep alpha theta mediation even if you have never been able to before despite your best efforts. Read more.