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Did you know that your brain controls everything about you?

Every thought

Every perception

Every emotion

Every process in your body

The outcome of your entire life!


When it’s not functioning at it’s best, neither are you. But, what can you do to make your brain better, faster and more efficient?

Thanks to a revolution in our understanding of how our brains work and the development of powerful tools to enhance your brains’ health and function, there are a lot you can do to help your brain.

We are here to assist, inform and educate you with the depth and breadth of experience, understanding and knowledge from 27 years of work with thousands of clients.

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We are unique, as we are the only site on the net that provides you with the widest selection of cutting-edge training tools and programs. We fully support our clients in the choice and ongoing use of all our products and services.

Brain training is an exciting and revolutionary field. It exploits the profound findings of neuroscience proving that the adult brain is not fixed, as once thought, but very flexible.

This flexibility is known as brain plasticity. This means that you can now train your brain at any age, for anything you need or want, in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home, with our expert advice and guidance. The most powerful and precise form of brain training is neurofeedback.


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Performing at your peak is very important as we all want to be the best we could be. It doesn’t matter if your find yourself in a corporate environment, the sporting arena or in the performing arts.

We can assist you to reach your goals and optimum performance levels by doing an initial assessment and taking part in neuro feedback in the comfort of your own home or office.


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Take a look at the research and the interesting case studies that backs the usefulness and effectiveness of training your brain – from peak performance enhancement to the rehabilitation of children and adults alike.

The testimonials will show you how brain focused training changes and enhances lives and help deal with specific problem areas.


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